Friday, February 21, 2014

Ms Access: Change One to One Relationship to One to Many

Yes. I’m doing minor programming using MS Access. I want to continue Android Programming but I am behind the lesson already. It’s intimidating when you are just starting in a new P.L. It would be better to learn the basic with someone nearby you can brainstorm with. :( It’s hard you now. I need a study partner whose patient. Where can I find one? And most of all, I need a “stable internet connection”. I have none.

Why this?
Because this is the IDE I had the last experience. Maybe the easiest but powerful one once I learn the full potential of this. It’s the easiest to start with. But it’s not as famous as what I wish to know like Android, Web programming and

Enough about the story above. So I have here a problem I believe the first time I encountered. I don’t know how CTOavail_id from table CTOavail will create a ‘one to many relationship’ with the two CTOavail_id from tables CTOout and CTOin. I did different ‘maybe this will work stuff’ like restarting the ms access, deleting and recreating relationship and so on. Finally I found a simple solution. So simple I feel like a fool
Ms Access Table relationship

Go to the CTOin_id table design view and look for ‘Indexed’ from the ‘Field Properties’ and change it from ‘Yes (No Duplicates)’ to ‘Yes (Duplicates OK)’. Then go back to Relationships tab and recreate the relationship. Easy done.

MS Access Field Property Relationship

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