Saturday, February 15, 2014

Samsung Battery Care?

I bought a Samsung laptop in a sudden and found later that the battery is built in and doesn't have an optical drive and costs way expensive. My Compaq laptop's battery before has worn out due to overcharging. It only lasts for 30 minutes. Thus, this makes me worried about my Samsung laptop. Hardly you'll find a good article on how to properly care for your battery. You may find some in the company's website but it's like it's too general and a lot of questions from the comments has been left unanswered. One thing is for sure, the battery raise a big issue towards consumers.

I owned a Samsung Ativ book 4. It looks beautiful with its white surface and made more elegant with its red top cover. It's even slim and light weight. Specifications include Intel core i5, windows 8 and Nvidia Optimus. But, the battery felt like a big joke. As if I will not get the most of my laptop's specification with its battery being built in. Playing high definition games makes me wonder if it would be battery healthy. So I still just do light works in my laptop until I find a good article, real test or experiment, or trusted opinion about batteries. Can you imagine just doing word documents with Intel core i5 etc. when you can do those things in lower specifications?

My Battery
I don't usually charge it full and drain it fully. Though I find it hard to manually track the 80%-20% battery level. My battery charges for 30 minutes and drains for 3 hours if it's word document tasks only. I wonder what will happen if I keep on watching movies.

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