Thursday, February 20, 2014

Choosing a Polymer Clay Oven

I made a blog about oven [here] too…

I’m still searching information about ovens and at the same time I go to different stores to find one. There are only three stores where I found an oven with ‘thermal control’ but costs around P2500. I need that control so I can cure the clay well.

Toaster Oven
These are usually what I found in every store. It’s cheapest and costs below P1000. But it tends to have spikes, or better say it the heat is not stable. It may burn the clay. But I am also planning to buy an ‘oven thermometer’ to play safer especially that I am a beginner. And since I would buy a thermometer, I can buy the cheaper oven toaster if I want. But the trick would be like turning off and turning on the toaster to maintain the temperature since an oven toaster tends to raise temperature with time. So hassle right? It’s like you’ll have to stare at the oven for 15 minutes or longer and never leaving it.
Anyways, you might get confused with me. There are two different ovens I am discussing here; the expensive one which has a thermal control and the cheaper and common oven toaster. The ‘oven’ and the ‘oven toaster’.

Should I buy a Toaster Oven?
It goes down to convenience, quality and being practical. I also want a wise decision and consider the suitability of the materials within my level. I wish I can sell things after I’m done with it. I don’t know what weighs more. Maybe I’ll just adopt a business minded perspective, though I don’t know how. I want to be resourceful and… efficient.

I don’t know if this raises an issue. The one I found in Lazada online shop has a warranty you may buy. The longer the year of warranty you choose, the more expensive it will be.

I accidentally saw watts one time when I went canvassing. Uh oh. Electricity is a big deal. It is said that the energy consumption depends on how high the temperature of the oven. The convection oven I found has a 1000 watts.

I will try to make an example though I don’t guarantee you that my computation is accurate. If I will use the oven for 1 hour everyday, I will solve how much it will cost me per month.

                (1000 watts + 1 hour x 30 days) / 1000 * 5.5359 pesos per kwh = P166

I found an interesting site about energy consumption of home appliances. [Link here]
A downloadable table of Electricity Rate Tables of Meralco for the year 2014 so you’ll know how much per kwh. [Link here]

If I missed something I should consider about buying an oven, please share it in the comment section below.

I wish someone would give me an oven gift. lol. XD
At last, I know how to compute electricity, I was once naïve but curious about that.

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