Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekdays and Weekend... 27-2

My weekdays was filled with failed attempts of setting up a working place for Android. There was lightness, there was also some sarcasm. I want to call it split personality. It scares me how far a person can inflict a damage just because they wanted to do so, out of envy or out of fun?

I have a long weekend. A bit of it was wasted, part of it was adventurous while some was sprinkled with sadness. The end of the weekend is still bear sulkiness over me. There are unspoken words, unshared thoughts. There is a certain longing for intimacy. People are insensitive or we just stop to care.

Octupus moments
That reminds me I was also eating octopus lately, but that's not the highlight. It was the first time I tried an octopus ride. I wonder why my friends are scared of Ferris Wheel when the octopus was scarier. The fear makes me laugh ridiculously. And yeah, I screamed. It was scary... really. But it doesn't mean I would not try it again.

How I wish I can spend time with cousin...

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