Sunday, February 2, 2014

Facial Wash at Nisce: my impression

I miss the pain because I miss the clean feeling. And most of all, I wanted to get rid of my stubborn blackheads. I went to Nisce because its well- known compared to the last one I went but I felt... sometimes it's hard to find words to express things. The more I was not uplifted after this.

Facial Wash:
-Deep cleansing seaweed facial P399
-Hydrating moisture-lock facial P550
-Revitilizing Q10 facial P550
-Fortifying gold mask P550

The price list was not available except the tart posted outside. I was asking for one but wasn't available, out of stock. I just went inside hoping (as the front line said) the staff would suggest a much fitter facial wash for me since you see there are four different facial wash. But...

She was recommending the most expensive facial was for P2300. Are you kidding me? That diamond peel, do I really need one? She asked my age. Does it matter? or she was just asking for the sake of entertainment? She was saying it's for dead skin cell.

That was not my first time. I was wondering why the steamer was not really pointing my direction. How would my skin get conditioned for the upcoming blackheads removal?

Black Head Removal
She seemed the last and remaining staff assisting customers. In the middle of the blackheads removal, she left me and assisted one of the customer. The finished client who went to watch me became a source of irritation. Why do I have this feeling that she was in a hurry? She was sliding the tool in my face that I wonder if I would get ugly face marks after. It was so opposite compared to my first time. The staff from different spa was careful and slow and she wasn't sliding the tool on my face, she was just like pushing it on my skin, one by one. So different with the staff in Nisce. I also noticed that mostly my left cheek were attended.

This was a first time. Maybe to suck some missed whiteheads or blackheads.

A device i don't know
A light emmiting device was used on my face. Smells like iron? To close the pores? I cannot really guess. After this, she was asking what I'd want. I honestly don’t know, for I don’t have the pamplet. She doesn’t seem know what to say too. Worst, its a bit humiliating when she said I would go out and look. I find it rude.

A non-sticky mask. I would like this part if only she wasn't that harsh after. I like the cold feeling it gives to my just swollen face. This is for 20 minutes. To spoil the fun, she removed it ungently. Did I offended her in some way? Maybe.

In between
These are the wash part with sponge or circling device I’m already lazy to mention. It was also present before the blackheads removal. I wonder if its the same sponge used on other clients.

Close your eyes.
Something was sprayed on my face. A quick and barely felt massage ends it.

On the other hand, it was nicer that there's lesser noise in Nisce compared to Reveal's Spa where you can hear their chatters. Perhaps it can be attributed for the reason that it's almost closing time, so there's few staff in Nisce that time. Few staff = less noise.

I regret I am disappointed in that branch of Nisce, I was hoping to avail my future facials there but after this incident, it gave me a lots of reason for self reassessment.


  1. Replies
    1. La Union branch. I might try them again next time just to see if the experience will be different. Sometimes, it really depends upon the personality of the eshetician.


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