Thursday, February 20, 2014

Planting Pechay: My Pechay

Warning: picture heavy

I started planting around January 16, 2014.

I’d better post this now before it becomes too outdated. I encouraged you to plant too... The oxygen produced in each plant we grow will definitely put smile to mother earth. I love nature. I hope you have some love in your heart too…


Pechay Seeds

This seed came from BF. I usually ask seeds from someone I know. The last time I bought one was during my elementary days where one small cellophane (a lot smaller than the picture above) costs around P2 or P3 before. Of course, things were cheaper before.

Planting Pechay Seeds

I sprinkled a lot of seeds on my plastic pot. It never occurred to me that soon I will have 100 pechay. I overlooked the size of the seed.

If your seed is new, not the old stock one, you’ll see the springing of life the very next morning.

Pechay Seedlings

I lost count of the days. Maybe it’s 4th to 7th day old.


Pechay Seedlings


Pechay Seedlings


Seedlings Ready for Planting

Seedlings Ready for Planting


Seedlings Ready for Planting


Pechay Soil

I started at 4 pm of the day and finished at a forgotten time in the evening. This is when I realized I got too many pechay.

Removing Pechay for Planting

Removing Pechay for Planting

Watering the Pechay at Night

Watering the Pechay at Night


Dead Pechay

The dead ones…

Pechay Direct Sunglight

Pechay Direct Sunglight 2

Pechay Direct Sunglight 3

Pechay Direct Sunglight 4

Violet Pechay

What does violet means?

Starting to become a Pechay


Fertilized in Pechay

Uh-oh… Fertilizer. I said no. But father insisted in putting some. I don’t like to eat pechay with fertilizer I have seen with my two eyes, unless it’s an organic one.

Growing Pechay

My biggest Pechay

The camera is set to vivid colors that made the picture unnatural to look.

My Pechay in Lines

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