Monday, February 24, 2014

Love and Relationship

When you build a relationship, maintain it... Both should agree with the level of attention they will give and receive. It is a lifetime commitment. Take it or leave it, there is no middle ground. Else, find yourself in a unsuccessful relationship.

It is a common relationship stressor. Bear in mind that the other person sacrifices time too. Sometimes, giving time during our chosen convenient time makes it more heavier favor or sacrifice for our partner. Sometimes its not even counted as special. It takes a lot of seeing to know what your partner really feels.

“In all relationship, time and energy is a must”
so does in friendship

Partners must have a clear guidelines to protect their friendship.

Danger Zone
-When one becomes busy to spend at least one relaxed and free day with the partner
-Become more sensitive criticism, get defensive easily
-Become more competitive and less cooperative.

A lot of love, understanding and open communication are needed to make our love ones secure.

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