Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sending in GCASH experience (Cash In)

I wouldn’t give a detailed introduction of what GCASH is for I don’t know the maximum of what it offers. All I knew is I should pay someone through the use of GCASH.

Prior to this, you need to register in GCASH on your phone through dialing *143# and accomplish the information needed.

What was ask
-Minimum load of 15
-A tm or globe sim card
-A form to write the transaction
-You needed a number for this transaction, ask the guard.

What to expect
-It will took you longer if it was your first time
-It may be free but you needed a load of P15. Free eh?
-They will take a picture of you trough their cellphone.

-Confusing form
-Confusing advertisement.
-Easier transaction
-I was deducted 7php and I don’t know why.
-Might be cheaper than LBC
-I like that they have their own photocopy machine

-Ask or research for hidden charges
-Remember to read the terms and condition

There is a charge for accounts that has been stagnant for months.

It’s funny to know that the most accommodating staff is the security guard. :)

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