Thursday, March 27, 2014

My 1st Polymer Clay Art Attempt

Material Used:
Oven Thermometer (Optional)
Polymer Clay (China clay)
Head Pin
Oil (optional)

The clay is hard. Most of my first clays have baby oil mixed to soften it. If possible, I don’t like to use oil since I really don’t know how it affects the clay chemically, nor if it can rotten or weaken it faster than it intends to.

I put the pan in the lowest rack. Then I preheated the oven. Put a foil to avoid scorching heat (Even if I’m unsure whether my oven does scorch). Waited for just 10-15 minutes.

Then, when I looked at the clay, it melted. The cupcake doesn’t look like a cupcake anymore and the teddy bear was burned. I am wondering why the 2 clay doesn’t have the same level of burning. The end of the teddy bear was really burned.

I was almost anxious in my oven thermometer since it took more than 5-10 minutes after the arrow changed temperature. Did I just buy a broken thermometer? Found it not though. It just takes long to determine temperature.

I wonder if it’s due to:
-The oil.
-The pan distance to the heating element.
-The foil.

It was not in my mind to take a before picture prior to the cooking. But the cupcake has a bit of slants until it was cooked and became straight.

Tips & Suggestion:
Know how much you electricity you consume.

Clay in Foil
Foil Tent
Cooking Polymer Clay
Fresh from cooking
Burned Clay
Melted Clay
Burned Cup Cake

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