Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Purchasing Oven for Polymer Clay

Finally, I purchase an electric oven for my future polymer clay projects. I did canvass for the cheapest oven with temperature control. I searched different stores in Baguio and even in our province. I also looked in Lazada but it’s above my target price

Three Ovens in my List:

3.  American Home
     Price:     P1,650+
     Where:      Baguio
I found this in a nearby mall around over pass in Baguio. American Home is a known brand and gives you this quality feeling about their products. But the size of the oven I’m eyeing was small nevertheless enough for a beginner, unless you will look for a larger one but more expensive. There is a 1 year warranty but the salesman wasn’t really assuring when he said that. There is only 1 day replacement that gave me hesitation to buy this.

2.  Brand Unremembered
     Price:     P1,600+
     Where:     National Bazaar
This is also a small oven in a dirty white color. I wonder if 1300 watts is a good or a bad thing. I was hesitant to buy this due to the brand and its old stock look. The salesman said they still have stocks.

1. Hanabishi
     Price:     P1,750
     Where:     SM Appliances Baguio
The one I purchased and was the last stock. It has the highest price among the three and also the biggest of them. However, it is the cheapest oven if compared to Kyowa and other brands. It is 1000 watts. Other than thermostat control, it has a capacity of 17 liters and 4 heating elements that would allow you to bake, broil, and toast. It is Rossitiere capable so you can use it to roast meat or whole chicken. Yet I know that those functions aren’t really needed in baking polymer clay. Hanabishi is a familiar brand for us Filipinos but I rarely see Hanabishi ovens. I wonder if they’re new in ovens, and if so, they’re still on their way in perfecting it.

Things I Consider When Buying an Oven:
1. Thermostat Control
2. Price
3. Replacement
4. Warranty
5. Brand
6. Design
7. Service Centers

Thing to consider too:

-The size and weight. I was not going to buy yet, but BF said it’s much wiser to buy it now. His point is to make the project working, a step forward. This is the part I fail to consider ahead. I didn’t notice it was big until they packed it in its box. I carried it as far as where the terminal is suited and this made my arms ache the following days. I was thankful it wasn’t as heavy as microwave. I realized that these are the times that being alone have its disadvantage.

I felt as silly and foolish as usual. There was a part when I was walking down to session road and became appreciative in a random kindness given to me by a stranger. There was a middle aged man with his family who saw me carrying my box as the rope slowly loosens. He approached me and fastened the rope himself. T_T Wherever you are sir, thank you…

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