Friday, March 14, 2014

Gatsby Powdered Oil Clear Paper Review

Gatsby Powdered Oil Clear Paper in package

I bought this during one of my past trip in Baguio. Since it was ages ago (maybe just last year), I can’t recall the urgent situation that pushed me to buy a blotting paper aside from the curiosity that it’s powdered.

I want to try clean and clear blotting paper but it’s expensive and I was unsure if it is powdered. Way back high school, I bought a pink blotting paper of a brand I didn’t mind to remember. It’s thin as onion skin and smooth and almost the same as this except that it’s non-powder (and very thin). I was initially doubtful if whether it does sip the oil. It did but not entirely, and didn’t repurchase for I cannot find the point of using it before. The oil may be lesser but my face still looks oily and still tends to get oily unless I will use a loose powder. Why waste money?

gatsby oil blotting sheets review

Expiration Date

Since I am usually in an air-conditioned room now, I still haven’t experienced using this on my most demanding days. But just in case I will be, I’d rather use a baby powder for faster finish. In work days, my typical usage is 2 sheets or lesser of this. I usually cut a sheet into half since it's enough.

Instruction and ingredients

It have a mild powdery smell. The lighter side is where the powder is. The sheet is as thin as carbon paper. Maybe the gray color is intentional to easily see the absorbed oil. However, you have to turn it against the light to see.

Where to Buy: Watsons

gatsby oil blotting paper powdered side
side view of the box
Look at the two boxes and see what happens when you pick one sheet.

-Instant powder for face
-It is more hygienic than using a loose powder with your hands.
-A sheet has enough coverage compared to a loose powder.
-It’s more handy and decent to use in special occasions like graduation and the likes.
-It can be a nice alternative for press powder.

absorbing sheet with  powder
The powdered side.
paper front and back

-Even though it’s handy, it’s still quite embarrassing to use around people.
-It last like normal loose powder and it doesn’t have antiperspirant properties. You aren’t fighting it, but just preventing it for a while.
-The oil is not entirely absorbed
-There is some heavy feeling due to the left oil that hasn't been removed. There are times I even want to wash my face.

No or Yes. I want to try the non-paper blotting sheets (the film/plastic types) and compare which is better.



  1. Hi! Nice Blog! Would you care for an exchange link?

  2. I only tried two oil blotting paper, the one from Silk Secretss and from Clear and Clear. Both didn't have a powder-y feel after use but the Clean and Clear absorbs more oil.

    1. I haven't tried those yet. Once I'm done with kleenex, I might buy Clean and Clear next. I believe that Gatsby has a film type of blotting sheet too. I just chose this variant because I'm sooo curious that time and find it useful if I don't want to bring a powder.


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