Thursday, March 27, 2014

2nd Clay Attempt

Uncured Clay

I felt highly foolish and ridiculous of myself with this 2nd attempt. I made better figure now, hopefully I you judge it as true.  But I still can’t cook well. It smelled awful and can still remember how the fumes hurt my chest.

My clay has a shiny finish because I use oil on it instead of the original clay softener. I wanted to try the original softener if only it’s cheap; the clay alone is already expensive with the transaction, fare, and shipping fee.

New thing I did?
- I put the tray higher so it won’t burn
- I put a card board between the foil and the tray

- Temperature. Since I placed a cardboard in a tray, the temperature detected was not higher compared when there was none. Is the thermometer accurate that time? During my first clay attempt, the thermometer detected higher heat faster.
- Smells awfully bad. Ten minutes has passed and I cannot take it any longer. The fumes are so bad it smells nearly like a burning plastic. Is it the cardboard?
- Clay. I was able minimize the burning but it’s evident that if I didn’t removed the clay after 10 minutes, the clay might melt and burn

Lingering Statements/Questions
- Cooking the clay in the stove with water.
- Something burns the clay. Is it the foil? Is it the oil or the high temperature?
- Wouldn’t the oil rotten the clay in the future?
- Is it really a necessity to use the recommended cooking temperature?
- Since some use ceramic tiles, temperature drops above while the heat is higher below. The heat is not distributed well.  What will happen if we don’t use ceramic clay and just lower the temperature?

- I might need a ceramic tile
- I need something to resist the heat

- To cook the clay without melting it and burning the bottom.

- Try to use different card board
- Cook outside so the fumes can escape. (I cooked mine in the room)

Cardboard in Clay
The cardboard I tried to use.


  1. wow those are cute! I love polymer clay and I am so addicted with it. Most of my creations are posted in my blog Feel free to browse it.

    1. Wow.. Thanks for visiting. I just visited your blog and would follow you. :)


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