Thursday, March 27, 2014


Picture not mine

Since I started to know how to find answers on my own, what stops me now?

Finally, bullies… Not once, not twice, not thrice. Maybe I needed some change and find ways so I won’t be a victim of this anymore. There are indeed some people in our lives who demonstrate inapt superiority on others. If it’s not an abuse of authority, here come their insecurities.

Nah… How I wish I’m born witty. It’s really how you are treated and raised in the family if not a natural gift. None of those I have. For sure it’s a different gift.

I have suffered during my childhood. But it ended when I moved in a different place. Then it happened again in another new place. It just depends on the place and the kind of people dwelling there. Sad to say, my flexibility ends with those people who got mood swings and attitude. I can give my heart and be kind, honestly. But I can’t tolerate demanding people. In the end, reality will let you face this kind of people no matter how you like it or not.

Bullying once ended when,
-I gained respect from new acquaintances
-Followed by people who became mature with time who might happened to realize their wrong doings or
-Old bullies cannot demonstrate their superiority in the new territory
-Shift of appearance
-Skills proven

Though I know I failed in the part like
-Being like them

“In a humble place, a bully will not waste their time. Once they see the profit, they will fester and competition starts. Decency lost.” ~probinsiyana

Though my warn…
I believe that… You don’t have to please all the people around you and befriend them. I saw some people who gave their time to this and ended up having a very bad relationship when it comes to their closer circle. Time is tricky stuff here. Spend it with people worthy of your time. Realize that people will arrive and then leave.

So now, its time for me to start all over again.  Recycle the old ones and unearth new approach…

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