Thursday, March 6, 2014

My New Bouncy Hair

I just love my new bouncy curly fly away hair. All dead split ends were trimmed, 3 inches. No more hint of my once rebonded hair, its more than a year or near its 2nd year. Quite a different reaction or taste now. I hate this cut before and even dread it. Life is really a wheel, it comes with surprises, twists and even suspense. You may find yourself in the top but eventually you'll be at the bottom. You may want something now, but you'll hate it after, or maybe you'll find yourself liking it back all over again.

I did consider trying a haircut in David's Salon but found a negative blog article about it. And I thought I can't afford to be greatly disappointed for now. It gave me the notion that there's nothing really different unless they did employ the cream of the crop hair-cutters. Maybe someday I’ll try, when time comes I’m rich enough...

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