Friday, October 3, 2014

A Ghost Week | Reflection

Here comes again my weekly reflection and the much awaited free day. It seems that I'm really missing the daily blog post target. The total post for the month of September is lesser than what is desired. I'm torn between catching the target frequency over creating a quality post. How I wish I can share some valuable life experiences and wisdom if only opportunities are generous. There might be few product reviews to come as I'm short of supplies now though I have some old stocks pending for review. I just haven't tried them yet.

This week came and end in a blink. Hindi pa nga ako nakakaget-over sa last week program and activities. I've done my tasks, tutok pa nga eh, and still hindi ko ramdam ang week na to. Maybe you'll really lost track of time when you focus too much at what you're doing.

One Post a Day

I can only make 1 good post within a day. Trying to make more than that might become a litter in my blog. The excess is either another low quality post or I'll get myself vulnerable of total inspiration and mood loss. Mahirap din mag-isip. Though thinking pushes us to do something worthwhile in our life na minsan para may maipost lang :D. It's like passing into a check point where you'll be asked of “What did you accomplish in life recently?”.

Highlight of this Week

Allergy Strikes. I got myself some skin irritation from basic skin care products (alcohol, hand cream and lotion). Using 2-3 or more products at the same time can be irritating to the skin. Could it mean that those chemicals were able to penetrate the skin making the body to start enforcing its defensive mechanism? This made me pause from trying products in the meantime.

Looking forward for a more fruitful and productive coming days!

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