Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Current Personal Skin Care Regimen That Works

Finding your HG product requires trial and test from different drugstore to high-end products. It could be an initiative, taking a risk or a recommendation from some concern family member, friend or dermatologist.

A Clean Face Every Night

During our sleep, our skin can finally breathe and rest. This is the time the pH of our skin rebalances. With proper pH, our skin can defend itself from bacteria in a natural process.

If you don’t wash your face, you’ll have:
  • Big pores
  • Break outs
  • Pigmentation
  • Wrinkles
  • Dry skin
  • Skin Irritation/Allergy
  • Skin Prone to Aging

Are You Washing Your Face in the Morning?

Using a milder face wash in the morning makes sense as the face is not really exposed of pollutants, make up and oil during slumber. On weekends, it’s not really a hassle to just wash the face with water alone especially if the plan is to stay at home. On weekdays though, I prefer to wash my face with the same cleanser I use every night to have a clean canvass for moisturizer and foundation. Besides it is still sweat and oil you’re not removing, it’s like taking a bath at night and not taking a bath the next day. It will only make the feeling less fresh in the middle of the day. Buying a different set of product is also just a waste of money. Unless you’re not confident of the product you’re using.

More on Exfoliation

Even if our skin naturally sheds dead skin cells, there’s still the fact that we uses different and multiple products. The face becomes oily and the make up clogs it. You’ll know if you need some exfoliation if you can see white dried sebum and white heads on your face. This mostly applies for those who have oily skin. I believe that a normal and good skin can skip this.

Current Personal Skin Care Regimen That Works

Personal Skin Care Products

1. Kojie San
This is the only soap that can clear my pimples in 1 week. Having an oily skin, it is not over drying. My skin becomes healthier too even without using moisturizer. If it feels intolerably dry, I use Myra face cream. This soap works well with the natural oil the face reproduces at night. There’s a visible result from waking up every beauty night rest. It seems that the pH of this soap matches well with the acid mantle of my skin.

2. Baking Soda
It is known that over exfoliation is not good for our skin so I make sure that this product is used in a very gentle manner. Using a light hand, apply it gently for 3-5 circular motion. Every other day in the first week and twice a week later on.

The following are optional. They don’t give dramatic change in the face:

3. Belo Spot Treatment (Optional)
This works like a signal to the body to prioritize and give special attention on a certain pimple on the face. The healing process becomes quicker. The stinging sensation does hurt though.

4.  Celeteque Toner (Optional)
Toners are for big pores and oiliness. With so much toner out there, picking what works best is a challenge. I only apply this on areas with pimples. Applying it on the whole face can trigger more oiliness just like what I’ve experienced before from a different brand. Sometimes it’s hard to find the point of using toners.

With this simple skin care regimen, my face is not as oily compared when I was using different product. Sometimes it’s funny how weird it feels to touch the face that doesn’t have pimples especially when you’ve been having consistent pimples in the past.

 How about you? Do you have a set of products that works miracle in your face?


  1. Nice and informative skin care products for some people, but for others, they'll try it first, if it suits for their body system.

  2. I'm not so much into beauty products but I do wash my face regularly to prevent dirt accumulation.

  3. I'm surprised about the Baking Soda..hmmmnn. I should try it out on my skin.

  4. The Belo spot on works great on my skin too! Try Royale's Kojic Papaya soap, my pimple marks lightened after using it for 3 weeks. Controls acne too! :)

    1. I am not very bothered of my pimple marks, I can always hide it with good foundation. Thank you for your suggestion. I am about to buy Royale last time but it's expensive isn't it?

    2. I use a foundation too to hide those stubborn pimple marks. What foundation do you use? I use San San Soleil Matte Foundation.

      Royale is quite pricey nga. Their Kojic soap is priced I believe at 130 pesos. Ako kasi I used Kojie San's Kojic Soap sa body na lang. I'm just sticking with Nuderm's Facial AHA Soap by Dermclinic (priced only for 80 pesos). Mas nanotice ko kasi mablis makalighten cia ng marks...

    3. I use fanny serrano 2 way cake... di ko nga lang ginagamit everyday kasi duda ko it causes pimples yet I like it. Pero I use skinwhite powder cream kasi may stock pa kasi ako. Masyado mahal ang royale sa akin dahil networking product siya. Kojie San din ako, dami ko nga stock eh :D pero sa katawan ko lang din ginagamit.


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