Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Just Some Over the Counter Skin Care Products

Hmmm... It looks few. Aside from old stocks not shown here, I ordered another loot in Sample Room but not as VIP anymore. I want more (on cosmetic products though) but I only have one skin and body apart from limited time and funds.

They're mostly basic toiletries so there's no huge guilt feeling...

This is actually a large loot compared to my typical purchases. I mostly buy 1-3 products since groceries/shops are within reach. This practice is a good prevention from excessive buying of wants. But when it comes to needs such as foods and the likes, it's a different story.

Over the Counter Skin Care Products

1. Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash

     [Dove Review]
Nourishes better than milk* for smooth, glowing skin.

*Higher moisturization level vs. whole milk based on clinical test.

2. Head and Shoulder Shampoo (Smooth & Silky)

The beautiful, smooth hair that you want + up to 100% Dandruff Free Forever*.

3. Colgate Charcoal Deep Clean Colgate

     [Review to follow]
12 Hour protection for a healthier mouth. Ultra micro particles penetrate deep into hard to reach places.

4. Block & White ULTIMA Whitening Soap

(with Glutathione & Gentle Exfoliating Scrubs)
     [Review to follow]
Experience the whitening action of Block & White Ultima Soap for a fairer, youthful-looking skin.

5-in-1 Whitening Essentials
1. Whitens skin as early as 5 days*
2. Has Glutathion complex, anti-oxidants that have anti-aging properties that helps whiten skin
3. Has gentle exfoliating scrubs that remove dirt and dead skin cells to reveal newer skin
4. Helps reduce dark spots for clearer skin
5. Evens out skin tone

Packed with skin moisturizer, Vitamin E & Pro-vitamin B5 for softer, smoother, healthier skin. Dermatologist-tested. Clinically Proven safe and effective.

5. pH Care Feminine Wash (Passionate Bloom)

     [Review to follow]
Alcohol Free. Hypo-Allergenic. Clinically Tested.

Gently cleanses your intimate area. Mildy scented to keep you feeling fresh and clean. Safe to use everyday. Convenient to use when you're on the go.

6. Aveeno Soap (with natural colloidal oatmeal)

     [Review to follow]
Moisturizing bar. Dermatologist recommended. For dry Skin and Fragrance Free.

Moisturizing bar for dry skin looks and feels different because it contains oatmeal to cleanse and gently soothe your skin. The unique soap-free formula blends powder-fine oatmeal, nature's own gentle cleanser, with a skin-softening moisturizer. The natural oatmeal works to absorb dirt and oil then gently rinses away, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. The AVEENO Moisturizing Bar is fragrance free and dye free, so it is gentle enough for even sensitive skin.

7. Nivea Extra White Repair (Pore Minimiser Foam)

     [Review to follow]
10x Whitening. For extra dull skin with extra large pores. Regular use of make-up.
Removees impurities & 10 make-up residues that cause dullness, acne and enlarged pores without thinning the skin*

NIVEA EXTRA WHITE REPAIR PORE Minimiser Foam cleanses away impurities and 10 make-up residues to minimize appearance of acne, large pores and dark spots, without containing skin thinning ingredients. *
The deep cleansing formula contains Pearl-Whitening comples, proven to give 10x better whitening effect than Vitamin C**.

I miss Dove Body Wash. I also need a good shampoo that lathers well and good for scalp so I'm back with Head and Shoulders . The rest are new to me. A close friend of mine said that Nivea cleanser made a very impressive effect on her face so I might as well try it. I bought Block and White glutathione soap because I haven't tried that one (and also out of false email about me making a product review for a soap).


  1. I used head and Shoulders as well :) great buys!

  2. Nice loot! :) I don't usually see over the counter reviews, so this is really refreshing. Not to mention, super helpful!

    1. Ah thanks. ^_^ But this is not actually a review at all. I'm still on the process of making an individual review of some products found here.


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