Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Absynthe Hair Shampoo Review

Absynthe Hair Premium Hair Care Nourishment Goddess Shampoo Review

Surprisingly, Absynthe Hair Shampoo is the most expensive shampoo I’ve tried. It costs around P400+. It appears that the web is plagued with good and sponsored reviews of this shampoo.

I’ve won this product from this august give-away post. Despite the unappealing container, I was looking forward for a wonderful hair pampering experience considering that it has a lot of promising ingredients that is natural and organic. Upon seeing this personally for the first time though, hesitation started to form. Should I use it or not?

Not So Typical Packaging

The whole bottle is covered with plastic so it’s just okay if it doesn’t have another seal for the cap. That additional seal only gave it a less decent look especially that it looks like it was just printed using an ordinary printer with an ordinary sticker paper too. The bottles are not the usual kind too. It reminds me of the bottle of muriatic acid. The design perhaps is unisex but due to the color it looks somehow masculine.

Full size bottle of Absynthe Hair Shampoo

Natural Ingredients:

Argan Oil
Emu Oil
Avocado Oil
Silk Amino Acid
Copaiba Extract
Hyaluronic Acid
Rosemary Essential Oil

Incomplete Labels

You will not find any directions of how to use the product so we’re to assume that it’s an everyday shampoo. The ingredients are listed in front even though I wasn’t convinced at first that it’s the complete list. If that’s all, then the shampoo and the conditioner contain the same ingredients. But how come that they have different texture, consistency and behavior? Does the percentage enough to make the other one to foam while the other one to work in an opposite way?

The Good Thing about Using this Shampoo.

Less Hairfall. I experience a guesstimate of 70% less hair fall. Sounds good right? This is the best result it gave so far. Even in taking a bath, you’ll see the difference when you look at the floor tiles.

Light Hair. No more worries of residues from commercial hair products. The hair is lighter and less frizzy.

Organic shampoo content of Abysnthe

Texture | Smell

The smell reminds me of some strong smelling imported soap I’ve used in the past. It’s also similar to the smell of Musk if you know that body wash. It’s far from typical shampoo smell and has a strong fragrance. The content is clear with a hint of yellowish color. It is not as rich as others and in fact feels plain and makes the hair stiff.


“A little goes a long way” doesn’t apply in this shampoo. It doesn’t have SLS but still creates bubbles. It’s hard to know if you’re hair is already clean. The tendency is you’ll use a lot of product to make sure you get rid of the excess oil from the scalp. It will not give you the usual hair wash experience but will do for a shampoo. Oh, is this how gugo feels in the hair? It feels like I’ve given my hair a vinegar concoction treatment as it’s not smooth. But don’t worry; the conditioner will set it right.

Expect Dandruff.

It gave me a dirty scalp so far. I’m still pondering whether this is just my hair adjusting or if it’s an understandable flaw of the formula since it is natural. Wouldn’t it be nice if they will have a variant that removes dandruff even if it’s used once a week only? I’m also still deciding whether to use a different product to clean my scalp or just put a lot of Abysnthe shampoo in my scalp.

Overall, I might fall in love with Absynthe Hair Shampoo if they will improve their packaging. I also want it to be more transparent with labels and instructions. I want to feel assured that this is safe to use.


  1. I've never seen this product before! Thanks so much for reviewing! Lovely post <3
    I'd love it if we could follow each other on GFC! Let me know if you follow me, so I can follow you right back~

    xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton

  2. Hello. Where can you get this? Most "natural/organic" shampoos and conditioners doesn`t seem to create a lot of bubbles. When I use these types of shampoos, I always try to remember where I put the shampoo already so I can conserve.

    1. Not sure. It's available locally but you can contact them through their FB page. This one doesn't create bubbles too sigh, I tend to use a lot of this even if it's expensive since it's hard to know if the hair is already clean.

  3. Aw shucks less hairfall would've made me look for this product but I don't want to risk having dandruff. It also made me curious that it smells like imported soap, how ironic that the packaging looks like muriatic acid, hahaha.

    1. The dandruff doesn't really bother me that much, maybe its just me not using the shampoo well. A hot oil once a week helps clean and pamper my hair.

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience. I've never heard of this shampoo before, but I'd definitely like to have some instructions on the product's packaging. Don't like the feeling of using a product "blindly".


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