Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Vaseline, Bodycology and Alcohol Allergy (Applying Aloe Vera)

The first time I got skin irritation due to beauty products, I was using this trio. A year ago, I also discover I am allergic of shrimps. No one in the family has allergy in those foods unless if we go upper to the hierarchy; my Tita is allergic of chicken. It’s possible that I’m the lucky receiver of the recessive traits or it’s the consequence of this budding skincare fascination. (Good thing I’m not allergic of chicken!)

 First Time it Happened

A frequent use of hand sanitizer and hand cream gave red rashes on my left hand. Perhaps I’m using Vaseline during those times too. I cannot recall if it appeared instantly or the next day. I still use hand cream the next day, but I really avoided applying at the back of my hands. It took me a month of agonizing wait before the bumps dried and vanished. I put the blame more on the hand cream even if I mostly took it for granted.

During those times too, I noticed that the deodorant reacts with Vaseline lotion. The latter doesn’t spread once in contact with deodorant.

Allergy from Vaseline

Second and Recent Skin Irritation

It happened again and affected a larger portion of my skin compared with my first experience. It was triggered when I scrubbed my skin with alcohol for an instant relief of itchiness from bites of insect farms. I applied it on hands, legs and thighs. The following morning, my hand is plagued with hives. Worst is that my thigh was irritated too and my forearm slightly (Those are the areas where I applied the lotion too). I stopped using all the suspicious products but I still used a separate and different lotion to feel moisturized. Then my left hand showed suggestion of having those similar bumps too so I stopped using any products.

That could perhaps the consequence of using different products. It will build up on the skin while it gets susceptible of chemical reaction. Perhaps frequent washing of hand can make the skin thinner too.

Aloe Vera leaves for allergy and skin irritation

After 1 week… 

The skin irritation has healed when I actually feared it would also last a month. I’m about to buy an anti-itch cream when the plant Aloe Vera came in my mind. Its consistent presence in the backyard could have some reasons. Why keep herbal plants when you will not utilize the natural remedy it offers?

I cut a small leaf of Aloe Vera and applied the gel on the affected area. I left it for 10-15 minutes and took a bath. That application alone tamed the redness of the irritated skin for about 50% the next morning. I do it whenever I remember or sometimes use the Johnson’s baby oil in Aloe Vera. The baby oil was my source of moisturization during the time I cut myself from using lotions.

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