Saturday, October 25, 2014

Block & White Ultima Whitening Soap with Glutathione Review

Block & White Ultima Whitening Soap

I'm not really into whitening products but you will find me still trying some. I can't help it for skincare shelves of stores are most likely limited to whitening and exfoliating products. Finding something mild seems an alien preference nowadays.

I'm fine with the skin color I have now. Not really too fair but above average. The only problematic body part is my arms as it is usually exposed to sunlight.

I didn't see a dramatic change in my skin color with this soap. Perhaps it's because I'm already fair and gotten fairer from the past soaps and lotions I've used. It feels like I've mostly gotten used of different ways each ingredients whitens the skin. During the time I've used this soap though, it seems people saw me getting fair for the first time. To hear someone says “You're fair” even if you are in the first place doesn't sound a compliment sometimes. It feels weird and abnormal.

I still switch to a milder soap. Alternate use of whitening products or using it only when needed seems a less guilt-causing regimen.

Trying glutathione especially at this times never occurred to me. Yes, there's a mild curiosity but it never reach a level of priority. It's only because of the email I receive that about a glutathione soap that I did console myself to at least try a somehow similar whitening soap.

Soap with Exfoliating Scrub
This is whiter in actual.

This soap smells clean with a unisex fragrance. The box is fine, it's just that the soap looks like it fell. The color of the soap is surprisingly glowing white. You wouldn't see the scrubs at first mere glance. The yellow exfoliating scrubs will reveal itself later in bath and sometimes feel sharp if not soft.

It removes oil and dirt effectively, there is a squeaky clean feel. I use lotion after.

  • It's cheap.
  • It doesn't melt easily

The effects of whitening soaps are temporary. With the consistent shedding of the dead skin cells, your real color will show eventually. There's also the sun you cannot easily get rid of. Using whitening soap without SPF is useless. Too bad I'm not so much of SPF products because of possible allergy reaction.

Repurchase?     Maybe

Recommend?     Yes

Rate:     4/5

Do you use whitening soaps too?

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