Monday, October 20, 2014

Encountering the Reality of Friendship

1. A Need to Maintain an Approachable Aura

Smile and initiate a conversation. If people feel you're easy to approach, the more they'll get comfortable. Loving yourself first is true. If you have insecurities or you're always irritated, they will ignore you or worst, avoid you. Dress yourself, pamper it, and find ways to lessen the insecurities. Strive to become fully confident.

2. It Requires Skill

A good pair of experienced eyes can see those friends who'll stay through thick and thin. Real friends are mostly not those too bright and flashy. Sometimes they're the simplest and most ignored people in our lives. Don't chase those who loves fame too much, as most of them leaves you when your usefulness has ended.

3. The Way They Handle Things Suggest the Expectations You Can Have

No one is perfect. A person can have a lot of friends yet incapable of keeping a stable relationship. Their decision can represent the kind of personality they have. You should know how to distinguish a good from bad intentions of their actions. Know the level of their commitment about friendship and their different priorities in life. There are instances that a friend is very vulnerable of doing embarrassing and stupid things yet they're the one who sticks in the darkest days.

Just remember this: A real good person has a good heart to everyone. They don't discriminate the act of kindness.

4. There's Something Wrong With A Person Who Doesn't Have a Consistent Friend

They're not for a long term friendship. They're the true loner even in the presence of their many friends. They're independent and mostly competitive.

5. Being Welcomed in Their House

To finally be welcomed in their house is like letting a friend to finally see the real and vulnerable them. There's already a trust involved. On the other hand, a friend who always keeps secret can mean something like, “I don't trust you that much” or “You're not worth the secret (yet I gave a hint that I have a secret”

Do you have any wisdom to share about Friendship?


  1. My nine year old son is firm on #9. He doesn't consider any of his new friends "real friends" because he doesn't get invited to their home. We were used kasi in the South when we were frequent visitors and we had frequent visitors.

    1. Aww.. Actually it's only 1-5. Maybe it's no. 5. Your child is still young and he needs to be positive, One of my friend took her a lot of years before she invited me in their house, but we're okay.

  2. I feel that the most valuable of friendships are the ones that have stood the test of time, surviving fights, misunderstandings, insecurity and all the negatives that come with any relationship. These are the ones that you will bring with you in your heart forever.

  3. I guess all we have to do is be kind and the friends would come after.


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