Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2 Hours in Baguio

I have to go to Baguio because I have to. When you lose control of everything, you have to do something to bring out the first big step for transformation and restoration. So when something turns infuriating again, you have something to hold on.

Bad luck will always be there so you have to understand that it could happen even in undesired times. Experiencing it for the first time is normal. I’m not sure if what’s the most appropriate reaction; is it better to stay calm or be angry of what happened? Both is okay and is applicable in different kind of situation. Yet now, I’ll choose to stay calm BUT forever bear in mind that unpleasant incident and try to be wary and alert next time.

I hope I could keep up in blogging after being gone for 2 weeks. I have tons of products to review by now that I limit myself from buying skincare products during the short escapade in Baguio.

Products purchased in Baguio

Is this much? I bought this bag because I rarely have a bag. The softness of the fabric and the decent price attracted me. It may seem strange but this is the first time I bought a bag of this size. Too bad I realize it's hard to pair with most of my clothes. I’ve been longing to go in Watsons but I only brought home two products; Glam Body Wax Strips and MiaCare Acne Patch for night. Then I bought the blog-famous Fanny Serrano Two-Way Cake in SM Department Store. Then I also got two books, the “styLized” by Liz Uy and a second hand book from Book Sale “GoGoogle” by Greg Holden.

I was actually looking for a nice Filipino authored book that is cheap (around P100) but I can’t find one and saw the “stylized” again. I’ve been eyeing that book in CSI but I ignored it due to my saving-money habit. Uh oh, I’m stocking books again even if I can’t find the time to read them. I can forgive myself though if the book is somehow educational just like the computer book. It’s old I know, but there’s still ideas in it. There’s also another book I want to have but I don’t like to buy yet, the “Everything Eyes” by Bobbi Brown which costs around P600+ in NB but around P450 in Amazon.

I also went to Zenutrients stall. I can’t pick anything by merely glancing in their place. I have “I’ll only buy products I could review asap” in mind too. I also have enough supply of basic needs and the tea tree oil I earlier like to have could wait since I still have a lot of pimple spot treatments. The brow product from Etude House will also be in my wish list but the truth is I am not so much a fan of buying too expensive products.

Another Lesson Learned:
Stop the Urge of Saying Negative Stories. It feels awkward later on.

Week Nuisance:
  • Overpricing of fare by jeepneys, bus and tricycle drivers.
  • Hidden prices of Telecommunication companies.
  • Limited medical information for the mass.
  • Inconvenience of services offered by private companies (i.e. Telecommunication companies).
  • Unaccommodating short office hours of big companies.


  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog!♥ I also hope I could write more often... having a day job and an online shop really takes up my time. Your blog is very informative, how I wish I could also do product reviews. But honestly I really afraid on trying things (especially facial products). I often resort to product reviews if I wanted to try on something new. :)


    1. Thanks ^_^ Happy viewing. Added you in my reading list in blogger. There are times I'm too busy too that I cannot make a post. Maybe someday I would stop doing product reviews too, it's just that I have a problematic face and documenting it is a way I can evaluate the product well and the spending of money less guilty.


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