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Megan Purifying Nose Pore Strips with Rose Extract Review

Happy November!!! I've been in a rest period for 1 week. I was kinda freak during those time and I am attending a seminar too. I made a draft actually but I forgot to save it. OCD won't let me start another new draft without being able to post that previous draft. Took me days before I got that copy (because it was created from a different PC and not from my personal lappy), but the desire to post it just fade away...

Megan Nose Strip in Nose

The product review I have here now is a nose pore strip from the brand Megan. Since I regularly use peel off masks to remove whiteheads and hopefully blackheads, trying different brands won't hurt and is also a great way to learn which brand works better.

There are other variants of Megan from other blog reviews such as the “Deep Cleansing” but this is the only available variant during the time I bought this.

Where to buy? Found this in Seven Eleven

Formulatd in Italy. Made in P.R.C.

Megan Nose Strip in Nose

Blackheads are usually deep seated that a mere pore strip won't do much in removing them. I don't want to personally use an extractor tool for the fear of making my nose uglier. It's better to let a professional from the spa do the work. Pore strips usually removes the tip part only, that is why we still need some facial.

Using this is not a fool proof experience. Due to ignorance, it doesn't stick in my nose after opening. I was a bit hesitant to put a water in my nose but I realize that's how it works. I even thought it's expired already as it doesn't stick on my nose or perhaps it dried too quickly after removing it from the plastic.

Individual Packaging

The instruction could make the reader believe that the strip is strong and painful to remove but it doesn't feel painful at all. Pore strips are usually painful when the hair is removed for the first time. I also still feel the pain after not using strips for a long time because the hair has grown again.

The strip is too big for my nose. The curve part hardly stick too. I don't mind if all the strips are in one pack since they all have their own plastic. It feels that it's a waste of packaging.

Enriched with Rose Extract

I'm not a fan rose scent as it reminds me of old woman's perfume. There are times though that it looks lovely if it came from a very healthy plant and is freshly picked. I would love to taste a rose flavored ice cream!

There are many factors that can affect the scent the roses releases such as the kind and the color or the change of time from morning to eve. The old original roses are said to smell differently and heavenly than the commercial counterpart.

Rose is:
  • good for dry and sensitive skin.
  • softens and tones the skin.
  • an anti aging product used in the old days.
  • antidepressant.
  • helps in menstruation problems and has something to do with hormones.

Sticky Part of the Nose Strip
It is hard to peel the nose strips from the plastic liner.

Tips: Steam your pores, exfoliate and press the strips firm.

Personal Experience

First use. It removed a lot of tiny hair from the nose. It only removed few whiteheads that are sticking out. The spongey texture of the strip made it hard to clearly see all the removed dirt.

Second use. I put the water directly on the strip and also put some in my nose. It did remove a lot more whiteheads compared last time. Fewer hair follicle is removed in this process.

Rate:     3/5

Ingredients of Megan

Repurchase? No. I will try the deep clean variant of the same brand if it's available though.

Recommend? No. There are better nose strips out there. It's not too sticky to remove all the hardened sebum but it does remove some. The Iwhite could remove better than this but it's messier. What I just don't like about this is that there's still some obvious hardened sebum that is not removed after.

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  1. itryq xana kaso recommend no haha ...i thot pampatangos ng ilong nung una kong nkita.HAHA!


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