Sunday, November 16, 2014

Just Some Negative Comments

Having consistent internet connection, I became more exposed in how Facebook becomes a venue of uncivilized netizens with their constant sharing of bad words. It's not as polluted and corrupted during it's early flourish. Guess it's always the problem when a place becomes bigger and crowded. This is how FB is different with forums, since the latter has moderators who penalizes member with undesirable behaviors. It made me miss the concept of little preschoolers listing their noisy classmates.

Just past few days, I received a very insulting comment. Not knowing the full content yet, I instantly made a draft of response (which I haven't posted after) and published that person's comment only to find out that it was longer than what is visible in the comment approval section of Blogger. The other longer part was written in a tactless way that encourages debate. Worst is that the person belittled me and ridiculed me with “haha” in his comment.

Because of that, I wasn't able to carry out my night routine works and just went to sleep after getting tired and overwhelmed of that negative feedback. Perhaps he's happy in how he can affect the lives of other people that way.

It's very offending and lacks respect. He may have made a long comment but he was not keen enough to makes his words nice enough. It also occurred to me that he should have just made his own blog post to support his belief than trying to trigger a fight especially how sarcastic he made it.

I decided to just ignore it. I've learned that most people with that kind of attitude is not worth talking. Last time I've approached a person like this, I only received additional insults. I can't imagine what kind of life they have and how their parents and teachers handle them. Time will come that they will also have a taste of their own medicine.

But being silent will not always be the best action. Having a set of plan is significant in case the matter becomes worse and intolerable.


  1. Hello there! First of all, thanks for dropping by my blog.
    Back to this blog post, I have a similar issue a few days ago about the marriage of Aiza S. I posted my opinion in Facebook and asked a question. There were a lot of people who commented their opinions and it was okay until this certin person started saying his opinions. It was kinda of stressful but I took the post as a debate - exchanging of ideas and trying to learn from each other - but he attacked someone (who also commented on the post) rudely. I cannot tolerate those kind of people so I automatically deleted him.

    Before, I usually talk back and insist what I believe in but growing up thought me to avoid stress and just stay away from people who are rude, close-minded, etc. Good move that you just ignored him. Don't waste your time arguing to people who are too close-minded.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Sometimes I feel sad for them, especially if they're close to me. The way people think is really very complex and complicated.


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