Saturday, November 22, 2014

Muz Facial Sheet Mask Review (Whitening + Oil-Control)

In Koreanovelas, it’s common to see the casts wearing this stuff. It’s as if it's a natural part of their beauty regimen unlike us Filipinos. It really made me curious of how it feels like when this is applied in the face. Does it make a lot more difference and yield much better result? Perhaps this makes them more beautiful considering that they have already a naturally nice skin.

It’s rarely seen locally especially here in the province and rarely advertised in televisions. I can’t remember seeing someone I knew who uses this kind of product (like my mom, cousins, aunts, friends and the likes).

Muz Facial Sheet Mask

Even though it feels like it’s just a luxury purchase, some curiosity must end. It’s still an experience after all. (A bad experience) The lesson learned in this entry is “Believe in your instinct”. If there’s no product raves, it’s highly possible that this product doesn’t have an outstanding performance. But why is that this sheet mask get sold out in MD easily?

Smell | Texture
The mask smells like any other wipes or masks that has a green tea extract. This somehow reminds me of tetra pack juices common in children's baon with only a little twist in the smell.

The cloth is just like some baby wipes only it's bigger, thicker and has holes in it. The sheet is very wet when opened and is still damp after 30 minutes. When squeezed, you can still find some droplets of liquid.

It's like a serum in consistency and with rich content included.

Wet sheet mask

  • The big size of the mask encourage air pockets when worn. The excess in the chin part doesn't stick beneath. It's too big for me and looks ugly.
  • It has methyl paraben.

True to its Claim of:
Relieving facial stress.

This sheet can be very relaxing. It's as if I just want to sleep with this on. There's no need to put it in a refrigerator because it's cold on its own. I will recommend this if only I didn't experience skin irritation.

Closer view of the sheet

There's a little itchiness in the sides of the nose. The mask generally feels heavenly in the face and can overwhelm those lesser sensitivity. After the mask is removed, my face is normally plump as expected but reddish.

After few minutes, it's still looks the same. It seems that my face is irritated. I decided to put some baby powder (Fissan) to dry the area and before it will get worse. Other than that, there's no sign of other pain or itchiness.

It didn't gave me instant glow even the next morning. When I woke up, the big pores was more pronounced and my right eye was red. My eyebag is droppy and I experienced increase of oiliness that day. The effect is totally the opposite of most of its claims.

Irritation from using mask
Why is that it looks like everything was just okay for me? and I realized that I should have covered my nosetoo.

Warning: Just lie down when wearing this to avoid the substance getting into the eyes. Avoid reading, watching TV or any activities that stresses your eyes especially if the mask is very wet. Besides the point of using this is for the convenience and relaxation.

Repurchase? No. I won't risk myself with another skin irritation but I might try another product that has good reviews. Perhaps I could find something that will suit me.

Rate? 3/5. It should be lower but it still it gave me the best feeling when it comes to facial relaxation. It's like a big cucumber on the face.

I really might have some problems with rich products. Recommending this is a “maybe”. If you've tried this, let me know your experience.

Cautions and Ingredients of using sheet mask

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