Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Stylized by Liz Uy (Book Review)

Since they discourage us of kakikayan as we grew up, plain t-shirt and jeans became my usual getup. Imitating what's common within our age group back on those old days seems like joining a cult and have to avoid. Perhaps our parents only want us to grow simple while their conservative nature makes them believe it's just their way to prevent us from becoming materialistic. Depriving us a lot of what we should have at least enjoyed created a void that makes us feel there's still missing and not right.

Too bad those gurly stuff and instinct didn't develop naturally and it seems I have to crawl like a baby to reach the destination I want to achieve. I can't totally relate. It's something I have too seek than turn a blind eyes.

My Expectations

I was still hesitant to buy this that I browse the pages first, it's the t-shirt tips that convince me into purchasing my own copy (I believed that the rest would be like that). I was expecting it to be an idiot's guide for fashion and will gives life saver ideas. Or some story of real life situation and how the author handled it. I won't consider this as a fashion bible for it's too brief and is a marketing exaggeration.

Stylized Book by Liz Uy

More on Good things...

Sarah Geronimo looks astigin and gorgeous in the book as well as Julia Barreto's fresh beauty that will make you stare longer (even after disliking her with the father thingy issue). It's just that Filipina models was given a little exposure and spot light in general. I do love the featured bags and rubber shoes while not so much for the rest.

Somehow this book inspired me a bit. It made me remember my fantasy of becoming a model when I was younger. I still want to pursue it on my own resourceful way.

Book Impression

It's more like a hard-bounded magazine that is more of entertainment than giving the reader rich information. It has a lot of pictures with brief description and also like a preview than a full guide for fashion.

Personal View for Fashion

A part of fashion gives me discomfort actually. The serious, thin and emotionless models don't look attractive at all. The unsuccessful ways of making immodest looks acceptable and the discrimination are just some of the its taint.

However, learning the trends and styles hopefully will lead to understanding the best of my assets and utilizing it for my advantage. Acquiring a high level of confidence and being able express myself effectively is its beauty. Hopefully, this will be the solution for each of us to appreciate our own unique figures even how strange it appears.

Recommend? This is actually not a bad book if it suits your needs. I'm in the middle of regrets of buying this and “It's just okay I have this” because of money matters. I don't know Liz Uy but I admire her fashion style after reading the book (or perhaps looking at the book). She looks great in the magazine and the photographers did well. If you are a practical person, I hope this review have already given you ideas.


  1. nice review, buti na lang pala hindi ako bumili ng ganyan. baka mas maganda ung book ni tricia g?


    1. Hindi ko alam yung book ni Tricia G. pero parang familiar siya. Naku I have a weird taste in everything, baka magustuhan mo yung book pag nakita mo. Pag napadaan ako NBS i'll look for that book and tingnan ko kung magugustuhan ko siya. Somehow na amaze naman ako kay Liz Uy.

    2. Hindi ko lang alam kung available pa yung kay Tricia G. last year pa ata yun and about ootd ata sya. Eto yung link if you want to check it

    3. Thanks Ms. Neri.. Tiningnan ko na yung link. I'm looking for a book review wala ako makita over Google. :D Ganun ba yun, sana mag print ulit sila :)


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