Monday, November 10, 2014

Sim Replacement from Lost Cellphone

I lost my phone last July with my 2 most important and valuable sim card. The TNT sim card is a loader sim and was my longest sim I’ve used. It was a fruit of initiative and it carries with it my memories of summer job and college life. With loader sim and a brand that has one of the lowest promos, that’s totally a steal. The other one is a TM sim card I have perhaps last year or early this year. It was our couple sim. I was really heart broken when I lost them.

I went to Smart just few months ago but I was informed that loader sim is irreplaceable.

Replacing lost sim card

For TM sim. I went a fortnight ago at Globe Center. After the long line and long transaction, they were not able to find a sim card that would match the code of my number. The stocks will be delivered on Friday. 1 week later, it was exhausting to find out that they close at an early hour of Sunday. 2 weeks later, I learned that they close at 4 pm. And then just now, it’s confirmed that their opening hours is 9 am. Today is Monday and I came back at lunch again only to find out that my number is already expired and can’t be replaced anymore. It’s just 4 months and it’s already expired. Worst is that the number is registered in my name and was used in my transaction with Globe Gcash. The TM simcard has a remaining balance of around 300 pesos and now they’re just gone with the sim.

I know I should have acted quickly after the lost of my sim. For the normal consumer like me all the common sense to do is to read the old manual and old terms and condition that is subject to change anyway. On the other hand, I should have informed them the lost of my simcard right away (but by that time I am still pondering for a good reason worth the hassle). I just can’t believe that the sim would still expire so soon even if I am a verified owner of this after past GCash transactions and that GCash services is temporary and fragile that way.

Law may have extended the life of our load, but the sim card is left to expire in a very short span of time.

By the way, my sim card is prepaid. I know it’s cheap that I would also reap its cheapness.

Lesson learned:
  • Limit the transaction from private companies.
  • Know your rights and always get updated.
  • Business is business.
  • Nothing is permanent, you own nothing.
  • Better wish you’ll get updated.


  1. I'm not sure why the sim card expired that fast. From what I recall, it will only expire if not used in 3 months and if the balance is 0.

    1. That happens with Globe. not sure with Smart because I have plenty of sim and I can still use my TNT sim after a long rest. 3 months is too short for me, it's like a way for the customer to repeatedly buy new simcard. And we use simcard for different transactions right? We use it in resumes, register and submit to different companies as official contact number.

  2. Network providers never have time for customer complaint, they wanted profit and never reimburse. They always have an edge over their customers.

  3. Yeah, it's really difficult dealing for sim replacements like this. I also had a similar experience.


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