Tuesday, May 7, 2013


It started with a post in the FB newsfeed. I immediately search in YouTube what’s this fuss all about.

It’s like an act being played with the song.

The following day, I received a text from an old schoolmate, asking me to make a gwiyomi. I laughed. He must be kidding besides we are not even close. But after the incidence, I never expected the idea will remain in my mind.

And evil thought came upon my crazy mind.

Escape goat. Suddenly I saw my victim eating busily in the dining table.

This will be a lot cuter if she’s younger. Oh I miss the days when she’s as cute as a puffy hamster, with her chubby looks and fat cheeks.

I then memorize the steps and followed by teaching it to her. Getting a hard time teaching her was my initial thought. But she was able memorize it easily. However, she was not as fascinated as I am. So I continue my monkey business of making my own video but I found her bugging me later. She kept on popping in my back, annoying me.

So I get back on my old plan and took a video of her. At that moment that I realize where the hard part is, it's teaching her the facial reaction.

Editing the video:
I need to cut the end of the video.
Frustrations almost engulf me from the false hope of using Nero software as the edited movie turned out so awful, the resolution was very unpleasant. Sad to say, I don’t have a movie maker and I wonder why so. But I didn’t falter, I scrutinize the programs I had in my computer one by one. And viola! Iwisoft free video converter saved my life.

Unfortunately I cannot upload the videos right now so i will just put a link here.

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