Saturday, May 4, 2013

A lesson from a 300 peso bill

 A funny story or a tragic one. Lmao. Kidding aside, I'm just referring about an ill luck I encounter due to my carelessness. Yeah I know, I’ve been like this since the day of Mokong. I’m not giving careful attention nor do I show concern but hopefully this tiny event will make a difference to my manners.

Okay, what really happened? Nothing grand. I just bought a cheap cellphone battery. Sad to say, it will add up again to the hole of my ulcerated pocket. I don’t have any idea what the heck this battery is, what danger it may impose since it’s not original. However, buying those imitations is still passable in my case sometimes. I haven’t yet encountered any destructive burning. I noticed that the fake one has an almost similar span of life with the original ones like the charger of my laptop and cellphones who used to be destroyed too. Lol. If it is not as good as the original, probably it would be out of the market now? Or perhaps the law enforcer is now strictly implementing whatever they are enforcing.

new battery

The culprit. I used to text while I’m charging which causes the charger’s malfunction too. Since i cannot stand waiting too long I have this habit of halting without making it fully charge. I used to destroy lots of charger in the past, maybe around 4. The fast charger costs around 350php and that’s quite expensive. If my memory will not fail me, I believe I bought my old cellphone’s charger for around 150-250php almost 2 years ago.

I bought this battery in one of the stall but i believe this one is also available in bangketas :D They’re not giving receipts besides I don’t have the courage to ask. :D

The cover gave an imitative look with its glossy appearance. The battery cost 300 pesos (7.33$) that makes me wonder what’s the original price. I found 2 typographical errors at the back description and the rest is quite well. The first time I use the battery it is in its 1 level bar.

back side of the package

To see is to believe. To experience is to believe. And that’s the thrill of life.

This might be a presage for me to.. "Hey take care of your gadgets" a warning...

Lesson I learned:
NEVER NEVER make your battery super drained else the acid will die or you're dead. lol

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