Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Facial Wash at Reveal's Spa

A blog for flaws. It was a fairy tale's happy never after story of mine to end like this. It was 18th of April when I availed a facial wash at Reveal's Spa because I wanna get rid of something.

I'm feeling somehow distressed since until now, my shoulder and most especially the back of my neck is STILL aching. First week, I told myself it might be the pillow. Second week, it’s still aching so I didn’t use my pillow anymore. 3rd week, its getting better but I cannot move my head from left to right with ease. And now? I got dark circles because of disturbed sleep I encountered a while ago. Painful.

Culprit? I am thinking it was the massage. I wish they didn’t do it. It felt like there something twisted in my neck, in tagalong “naipit”. Pardon for I cannot describe it well in english and cannot find the right term.

Who’s to blame?

Anyway, here is the post I made of what I’ve gone trough.

My back is aching. I don’t even know what to do. Mother is discouraging me to resort in “hilot” mag pahilot. She insists I drink a pain reliever; will it solve my problem in a long term?

My recent picture as of may 15, you will still see the darkspot in my nose despite that it's blury

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