Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sending Card through LBC

I forgot about the letter thing so I went back home to pick up the letter. I went straight to the LBC branch after that. The interior was giving me the impression of gloominess with the packages piled up in an unorganized way. I bump into them in a chatter of Ilocano dialect; they are conversing about some things that I didn’t paid attention at all. Impression? Not formal, not yet there. I am going to use the word welcomed or entertained but I suddenly felt it’s not the fit word, so here it is. I am assisted by the front desk guy.

He started with the introductory question of “what kind of card is that?” I was wondering that time what to say. Should I say “Oh, this is a graduation card”, which is I found too personal to tell. You know genuineness or sincerity is easily sensed. It turned out that he’s asking whether the card is a plain card or whether it used a lot of designs. Fooling customers will only drive them away. Cards, they are sometimes plain or stuffed with lots of bits and pieces and some of them make sounds, “happy birthday happy birthday” anyway, that is tune.. But then cards are cards. But then again, business is business. Plain or stuffed? Too bad for the latter who’ll say “yes” because saying yes is the difference between a 95php and 155php. I know I know it hurts. (For someone like me who finds every cents meaningful).

You can lie. However I wonder if that will make any difference. I believe he’ll just insist. Innocence has no place for business world.

I’m looking over the place and busy jotting imaginative notes in my mind. I came across into the wall where instructions were posted. It says “Use uppercase in writing” too late as I'm through with my writings. A short time ago, he was saying something about 3.25. I cannot absorb what he’s saying, for the number “3.25” is strange. He keeps on saying that. I hope that from the start he already sensed the unfamiliarity because I’m still new in these things. Later, I realized he was referring about the cut off. That if I made it before 3.25pm, the card will be sent the next day. Therefore, my card will be sent on Wednesday.

Seal with a kiss? He’s saying what? I cannot understand at all. What did he mean? And what should my response be? I find it offending. Should I giggle? I became dumb that moment.

I was asked again “Idedeliver ba siya?” Huwaaat… I was confused again. I mumble, “Ano ba dapat?” (Me being too ignorant). Silly me. Yeah I know, he still didn’t grasp that I don’t know such things. Finally he said, “Idedeliver ba siya or siya na mismo yung kukuha sa branch?” Whew, that explains. Big However, he didn’t explain the difference between the two, poor customer. What if? What if there are disadvantages unknown in my part for choosing any of the options.

I felt too stupid that my searching net beforehand became useless. It’s not obvious right? Can’t blame you if you’ll agree. But then one thing I should be certain of, with lots of negative feedbacks about LBC it should have been a preparation for me to expect the worse.

Back to the plain card versus not, I said “yes”. But he wondered why there’s this pitter-patter as he shakes the card. I said “Oh it’s the keychain.” this is it, the beginning, of accepting the sad truth that I have to pay a larger sum of money. With his followed up reasons, why can’t he just say it straight “You have no choice Miss.” Why? What the use of the minimum payment of 95 if you are only allowed to send something like a 1 piece of onion paper. Are you joking me… noooo.. T_T. Without even the presence of weighing that piece of document? And he reasoned many things like, “it’s a metal, it will be detected by the scanner, and they will return it back here” and the likes. I said to myself “please show me your scanner”. How can that be possible if your cut off is 3.25pm? I wonder if there’s still time left to scan those cards if I happened to drop by around 3:00pm.

I leave the place sullen, while feeling like the all the weight of the world is in my shoulder.

My Verdict:
                The front liner staff  must learn to choose words carefully in dealing with customers since each of us has different personality and view of things. The management should train their staff well. Maybe asking if it is the first time of client for this service will not hurt that much in the part of the assisting staff. Sad to say, soon I started talking; I know I cannot get well with him for I find him contemptuous.

It was a disappointing experience.

This gave me the feeling of:
This is not trustworthy BUT I HAVE TO.

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