Friday, May 17, 2013

A Taste of Life

This a total opposite of the life I am expecting. To be ignorant is a pity. You have to expect the worst and the unforeseen.

I am still na├»ve and lots of questions keeps on flooding my mind. I sometimes find myself asking this “Ganito ba talaga?” Bullying and being mean in unimaginable way. After-college-life is a battlefield. It is the survival of the fittest. The winner is always those who can keep up and who’s in. The word “dignity” is no longer rendered most of the time.

Back stabbing and especially crab mentality is widespread. This world, if you’re weak, will overwhelm you. They will crush you as long as they can. Opportunity is hard to seek, only the taste of the competition. But hey, I you survived, you are a shining white gold unless you drowned yourself and allow them to transform you into someone like them.

As much as I wanted  to despise the world I am in now, I can’t, I need to survive. Right here.

Remember, even if you will find your way to other places your chance of meeting same kind of people is the same. Just hold on to professionalism.


  1. Those negative people, I always give them benefit of doubt and a stance of neutrality. They can't do anything to oust you if you have a calm reasoning against them not to oust you.

    1. I understand your point. I am thinking of revising this piece, the day i made this one was a very stressful day. >_< A little bit biased and taken by emotion, i know. Whining about petty things as if I can change the indispensable ways of life

      thanks for dropping by anyway...

      :) my first commenter

  2. I work for the government and your piece has a semblance of truth ha. I have seen bullying, lots of backstabbing and ironies and inequities. One office would be so understaffed they work overtime, unpaid of course, to finish all backlogs or they will get a reprimanding memo while another one would spend the day practically doing nothing except making chika and waiting for the clock to strike 5 (meanwhile, talk about people muna...). (Just venting too lol)


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