Saturday, May 11, 2013

From the Last to being Strangers

I found the recommendation from one of my favourite blogger. It took me days before I decided to finally watch it. When I saw the credits, it gave me this thought “No doubt if it’s from Wongfu”.

But for me, the “Strangers” is still the best short movie they made. On the other hand, appreciating a movie is something that depends on the kind of experiences and emotions you have. Like I’ve been watching a love story that will make me cry a bucket while one my friends can’t relate at all. That friend of mine never experience falling in love.

Life is adventure and lots of exciting and extraordinary events exists awaiting for initiative of someone who cares enough. We can live creatively than just lying in the bed waiting time to pass. We can and should humble ourselves and empathize to the other side of human lives.

Here is the movie followed by my favourite short movie of them:

  Anyway, you better try watching the other movie they made. Almost half of their movies are laughter provoking.

Before reading my verdict that follows

I like the part when he said that first love is a sign of innocence, discovery, and adventure; preserved in time that neither of us can touch. I like this subjectively.

A considerable number of people will definitely grasp and empathize the feeling. And just like the infatuation that no longer exist, once in our life we became confused and bewildered too that we abandon that feeling.

“Maybe it’s my desire to be on my own or prove something to everyone back home.” Finding love in a complicated and inexplicable manner, we turn into the trail of giving up someone special in exchange of personal space to find our way back to self respect and worth.

“You are none of them because you are all of them”. This is a nice phrase; however, this one being said for me is likely unreal or mostly imaginary and dreamlike. Bitter?. Yes, its sweet but ang korni. It’s like it’s overdone that the genuineness is lost. But maybe younger people will love this except me. I want something new, creative, and unique with mind-blowing twist.

Why waste this life without loving?

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