Tuesday, May 7, 2013

First Facial Wash

April 18. It was Thursday afternoon, just after work when I went straight to the spa for pimple injection. I’ve been self conscious and bugged by the huge pimple that found its way in my nose. The biggest pimple I ever had and it’s 3 times huge compared to typical pimple.

I thought it might be better if I will have a half day leave considering that I don’t know what I will be going to put my self into. Later, it was a sound decision because I believe I rid myself from humiliation and center of pesky discussion.

Unfortunately, what they did is not a pimple injection. I was so naïve that I don’t know what to say and what to ask. So what I did is I just availed a facial wash. But in reality, I just said something like ‘for removal of my blackheads blah blah’ and followed by naively lying in the bed.

Since it was a cystic pimple, they said they will prick it because it was useless to inject it anymore. I was horrified but let myself calm (I hope I did) and just let them do the work. I was embarrassed but I have to keep it on myself. The drug will just go out or maybe they’re referring the gooey will just pour.

I’m so poor in detail memorizing hence I cannot regale the step by step procedure they have done to me. I guess I stayed there for 30-45 minutes. I remember my face being cleansed, maybe scrubbed too with the use of beads. I can’t really remember well the time they massage me, maybe while they are preparing me for the steam part. I understand that need of some massaging to get my face ready, but I wonder why she has to focus the massage in my cheekbones. It’s annoying in that part.

Steaming part. The lady said I should not avoid the steam in a sarcastic tone. I was just avoiding it since I can’t withstand my eyes being exposed in hot steam until they finally have the heart to put wet cotton to cover my eyes. I wonder why it took them long to do that.

After few minutes, they turned off the steamer and put another cream stuff in myself preparing my face for the part I was so shocked of. This is what I name blockhead/white head removal part. Tears fell down my cheeks. I was struggling to make myself fine despite the feeling I wanted to shout and runaway from that house spa. It was so painful. It felt like plucking some imaginary hair in my face one by one, or better say it felt like injecting needles every square cm in my face. It was a NIGHTMARE. What the hell is she doing? Did I make her angry? Is this real? Is this what the other female species suffer just for the price of being good-looking? Or I am the only one?

Pricking. After the agonizing popping of my small pimples, the real culprit was put in test. After informing the pricking will now take place, she use an injection to make the opening. Yes it’s gross. The insides where made out. I suppose debris left but considering the state of my nose now, it went okay. Back after, gushing blood made me nervous as if it won’t stop.

Toner. The wiping of toner followed. Imagine cuts being wiped by alcohol... Ouch. I really blurted “Ouch” that time. Hurts like hell. If my memory is correct in this part, something was put in my face after the toner. I imagine that as betadine, it made my face hard while my eyes were cosseted by round sliced cucumber. I can’t remember what happened next; it’s just a series of putting another something in my face and was kneaded by some blue light emitting device. They stayed a few seconds longer in my nose, where the pricking happened.

When I got home, I can imagine my face being scarlet during removal time due to blood when they popped my small pimples. It felt like the outcome was a numerous small cuts in my face.

Last part. I sit on the bed and a massage was performed. I can’t remember if I find it painful. But something bad happened to me that I am still experiencing now and I consider this event as the culprit

After the murderous spa:

I was a bit shaky maybe from the shock and the massage. I paid the amount of 300php ($7.33). Since I was in a bit of hurry to get out of the place, I went out without even combing my hair. Too bad I found two guys the moment I went out and they were laughing. >_< But before that, I asked something if my face will look that way until tomorrow which she replied of course not and we ended discussing the kind of soap I’m using. She said I need to avoid moisturizer. I forgot to ask about what to do in my face after that, should I wash or leave it like that. I just leave it that way though. I researched in the internet.

My face was swollen and looked like it was abused or let’s say overused.


If it is not broken do not fix it. Don’t put yourself in this situation; it’s like taking a paracetamol even having no headaches. What for? I you already have a flawless skin; don’t make any mess of it. On the other hand, there are numerous kinds of facials there.

2 days after, the pimple shrink. It doesn’t even feel like a pimple that time, it was so soft and it doesn’t hurt when being touched like a typical pimple. And it went flat fast though it left a black spot.

Side effect:
Since it was pricked, I’m expecting a dent in my face. Bad thing that happened to me? It was on the part of massaging. Until now my head has a stiff feeling. Turning my head left and right is painful but not much, another but; I can’t tolerate turning my head left or right for a long period of time. It felt like something not needing a press was pressed. It worries the heck of me, I even thought of going for check up for it aches. Sprained neck? dilocated? naipit.

Try again?
Not for now, maybe someday in the future. It’s expensive. Maybe someday I’ll try a different facial.

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