Tuesday, May 21, 2013


This is the book I recently bought for my little sister. It costs around 10php now.

I cannot recall when and how exactly I discovered this book. Before, I have this fancy of stationeries. I saw some of my mother’s hidden stationeries and later started collecting. I even skip meryendas during those days just to have the means to buy it. Then there was this store we happen to drop by. I can’t recall if that was way back elementary or already high school. I came to discover this book since both the stationeries were situated in one place. Or it might be my friend who first discovered it.

Eventually, we started collecting this book too. It costs around 15php and that’s very cheap for a good book like this. Soon, my brother was buying the same stuff too. Later, I came to discover another book called “Mathmania” but I am forever loyal and addicted to this Puzzlemania. I like the picture better and I am not fascinated with numbers that time to choose Mathmania. The choice of color is more subtle and child-friendly, it’s like a magnet that charmingly attracted the younger me then…

Unfortunately, I cannot find another way to collect all. I mean by going to the main distributor and buy a bundle and not by wating when the owner of the store decided to finally buy. Reunited with this book after a long period of time, I wonder if I can collect it again. I have little doubt now but this will not stop me of being hopeful. I have seen its website in the internet but I prefer the old editions. This time, I want it for my little sister. A tool I will use to sharpen her logic and brainpower.

I found in there website that it cost around $4 and shipping fee of $2. That would have a rough estimate of 164php with the total of 246php. Can you imagine that? From 15php to 264php?

Sample pages of the book.

 Very Yes :]


  1. nung hs teu nyan puzzle mania ..nabili natin sa tabi ng gifted yan un maliit n store dun ngay

    1. uu i remember siyempre.. :D akala ko naman unique visitor na..


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