Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Eyebrow Grooming

Price: P20.00

This is my new shaped eyebrow. It was last Friday when I went to a not so elegant parlor to trim my eyebrow. I believe I have to, to have a more professional look. Sad to say, I cannot trim my own eyebrow and that something I will not just risk. I believe that the eyebrow somehow plays a big role in our facial appearance.

Before, I even have this habit of using a scissor to cut excess hair which looks so unsightly until I stopped doing so when the lady who trimmed my eyebrow told me.

Past trimming.
I’d tried in different places. I even went to one of expensive spa. It cost around 150php that time. I availed “threading”. Since I was lying and closed eyes, I can’t see what she’s doing to me. But of course, that is something about using a thread to pull the unwanted hair. Boy it hurts yet my eyebrow after threading is still thick. If my memory will not fail me, it somehow looked straight. Maybe it’s difficult to curve the eyelashes.

 I also went to another less expensive salon long long time ago and he used a blade, ‘he’ since he’s a gay, but I end us disappointed since I got cuts and I didn’t like the outcome, thin for my age and gave me a “mataray” look. No wonder since he did that in rush manner. I am cautious too, that I might appear like a whore if I will have too thin eyebrow, that’s what I don’t like.

Choosing who will trim my eyebrow.
So I made a promise to myself not to risk my eyebrow for someone from opposite sex. Most of all, females tend to have more control in their hands. Not that I am discriminating; there are some who find themselves successful in their careers and indeed exceptional. But there’s also a sorting made upon people, “average”, “above average”, “excellent” and “genius”. The latter is what I categorize as “above average” and the most common group of people is “average”. It’s up to us to choose who’s who and what’s best for your body.

Did you experience being treated roughy like in hair cut?
Parang kulang na lang sabunutan ako. >_<

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