Thursday, May 16, 2013

Starting to Paint

Price: P50.00

Bought it in Novo.

(This is something I will not let her play on her own unless i'm very sure it's NONTOXIC.)

            So I started to introduce painting to my little sister. I am not an artist to clarify. I am just trying to acquaint her and to guide and help her to experience many things until she can find what she wanted in life.

            Other reason why I bought? The bonding is given. I wanted something to distract her and to have a control over her; I mean a way of practicing my authority and control too.

As we already aware of how children behave, we need some precautions to avoid or lessen possible harm. As a responsible guardian, we need to read all of the instruction well.

This comes with different designs and also a stand to support if we want it like a standing frame. We can also hang it.

I let her mix the paint, but I’m not even sure if it’s needed at all. But children needs consistent instruction and hopefully in the future she will not forget that there are protocols and rituals in making projects. As early as possible, teach them ways and strategies (but I'm not telling her stuff like “strategies” at her age she will not understand) I'm just reminding her as if it’s really part of the making.

She starts to paint. I’m careful not to annoy her that much. I’m telling her to make things perfect. I keep on reminding her not to miss the edges and to make the paint balance.

The only evidence I was here. That’s my hand…

I admit I'm kinda disappointed knowing the paint is not that pigmented but what to expect with cheap products? On the other hand, this is a good starting point for my little sister. And when the time she’s worthy of handling expensive material, then that’s also the time to move to another level.

So I tied her hair. I should have in the first place; it was messing in her painting.

Final product but still wet.

Other materials:

Scissor – for cutting the paint’s container
Tissue – to wipe the brush and the paint that get trough the other paint
Cup with water – for cleaning the brush

Next time. Something that I forgot. I should have let her clean the mess after. But there are articles that says just let children be children. It’s up to you if you wanted them to become future obsessive compulsive and get that disorder.

Tadah… The next day. Nothing striking change happened. It just dried up.

No. I will try other stuff. Besides I find it unworthy of its price. If I got insane and accidentally became rich I might try the other design as she was so fascinated of it.

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