Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Typing Skills for my Sister

I’m making my sister proficient in typing by letting her use a software. My sister is only 7 years old and soon to be a grade 2 student. She’s just starting to type. Her average is still around 8wpm whereas my gross speed goes around 57-60wpm.

That’s the role big sister, me, is playing. I'm hoping that this will help her in the future

I'm using TypingMaster Pro Typing Tutor but I'm having this thought that the other software is better to use in terms of encouraging her because of its colourful interface and lively games.

This one I'm using is the one I preferred using for myself. Better concentrate in the aim of honing typing skills. Though it may seem pretty boring, I regard this one as straightforward. I make her watch drawing video as a reward of accomplishing two parts of one lesson. .

Her progress:
                We are still in the home row. I cover the hands (half covered the monitor with a book) as I notice she’s being dishonest. I even cover the keyboard with double sided tape to make her focus. She’s been complaining peevishly but I know in due course of time she’ll get used to it. I’m cruel right. But when I get sluggish, I just let her type without coverings.

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