Friday, January 23, 2015

It is Cheating...

Even if you both like each other, it's still cheating. There's nothing to be proud of. The huge problem is, the person you're kissing is in a relationship.

Have you ever asked yourself of what you're really doing? Taking advantage? (Even if you said the two of you did like what happened) Are you that desperate? Are you too lonely you've lost your sense? And now you are destroying someone's trust and relationship...

I guess you're really that lonely... and perhaps this the only thing that gives you a sense of enjoyment. But what for? Do you think both of you would last considering how wrong it started? And if you really respect the person, well, what you did is not respectable at all; for the person and his/her real partner. You're just a 3rd party.

And this is how you want to be intimate with someone. No commitments, playing safe and taking advantage. Not really being a man.

You wish to have a long lasting relationship, but you give in from temptation. With this, do you really deserve to have a good relationship? Are you even worth respecting?

Do you believe he/she will be loyal and faithful to you when she already showed unfaithfulness towards his/her own partner? How different are you then?

What do you really want?
- To be his/her new boyfriend/girlfriend?
- To get physical?
- To use her? (Because you need an attention, you need companion).

There are different reason why we kiss. But here's the thing, kiss can cause arousal. So obviously, you shouldn't kiss someone else if you are really committed.

It's nothing for the 3rd party guy, because we all knew there's nothing to lose. The trust of other people around you could change though. And if your the girl involved, it will always look cheap.

Temptation disguises in different forms. It's always tricky. It's easy to find and distinguish those improper action from other people , but we usually feel lost when we are the one involved. We enjoy the pleasure it gives us and we ignore some simple truth. But it piles up and it rots.

Low esteem prevents us from seeking the right person. True enough, we expect the love we think we deserve. Don't settle for less. It's just fine to make occasional mistakes as this is where we effectively learn our life lessons. It's still not too late to set things right


  1. Sobrang relate.. i know how it feels, im a wife, and i have experienced this

    1. Thanks rhaindropz.. I'm not yet married. No one is perfect. They've said that a guy, even how good he is, will make at least 1 mistake.


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