Monday, January 12, 2015

Himalaya Neem Face Pack Review

Himalaya Neem Mud Pack

I have different ways of thoroughly cleaning my face. My options includes a mud pack, scrubbing the face with baking soda, using a peel off mask or cold cream. It goes in rotation as my face gets used to a product and it stops working. Do this or else make the face look dull or encourage the growth of pimples.

Active Ingredients:
Fuller's Earth

I appreciate mud mask mainly for the maintenance it offers. Exfoliation is like a clean fresh start for my face. However, it is still just one part of the whole regimen as it is used once or twice a week only. Still, this ensure a better removal of dirt and oils that is usually missed by ordinary cleansing.

Bottle and Cap

Country of Origin: India

It smells strongly of a baby powder or baby oil. I once became uncomfortable of its scent but it doesn't bother me in ordinary days. The mud is initially thin when applied with few grainy particles. It is easy to spread yet looks uneven.

Nicely written label (batch number and expiration date).
The simple list of ingredients.

Has sodium propylparaben

Expiration and back of bottle

I don't use this in my neck and the skin underneath the eye. Drying time depends on how thick the layer is. There is a tightening feeling as clay dries up. After 15 minutes, I use baby wipes instead of wet sponge and wash it with tap water.

Instead of washing it right after, I still wipe my face first with wet wipes. It seems abrasive that way and does hurt when you're not used to it. Some pimples erupts unintentionally this way. I'm just trying to follow the instruction in the tube. Though my previous mud pack experience with other brands, I just wash it with water.

Mud in Face

My face feels extra clean after. It's soft to touch and looks whiter. I don't use a moisturizer so as to let my facial skin adjust on its own and take full advantage of the mud mask experience.

Avoid using warm water for it will make the skin dry. A wet sponge will aid in the exfoliation of dead skin cells.



Rate: 4.5/5


  1. I also have this but only used it twice. Im not really into mud face pack.


    1. Oily kasi face ko ms. Neri kaya naappreciate ko yung mud pack sa muka... ^_^


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