Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Busy Welcome

I apologize for being gone. I'm busy like a beaver in the past few days but I will always love blogging :) It seems that this hectic schedule will last for a half year. The exhausting days deters me from writing and finishing an article. I just can't find my mood.

The short free intervals was spent in checking accounts and reading blogs. There's also this book I'm trying to finish since it's due returning. It's taking me a long time because it's not a page turner. I read anything under the sun topics and did some researches still in vacant times.

I'm just fine and hopefully could manage myself better. I'm mostly uplifted naman. It's only my friend's crazy behaviors that gives me headache. Ouch... But I still mentioned it. I don't want to regret the shortness of time but I do. Time is like an investment and a poor return sucks... It would be nice if something productive is generated with just a minimal effort.

It's ridiculous that on every glance in the clock, it surprises me. Sort of unbelievable to me how fast the day ends. There is a huge consequence in the recent change that happened to me but there's also something I'm grateful of; it detached me from the feeling of being a bum and the suffocation of the past.

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