Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Movie Review | Feng Shui 2

It was hard to choose among the available Tagalog movies in cinema. The showing of local-only films is something I’m not very well aware. I didn’t know when it started. It only left me a feeling of “Watching Cinema will never be that fulfilling anymore”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just that poor quality is something I cannot often tolerate.

Bf chose Praybeyt Benjamin while I chose Feng Shui. It’s like choosing between a horror film and any Tagalog movie that doesn’t impart any valuable life lesson to the viewers.

Feng Shui Poster
Source: wikipedia.org

I was looking forward for some thrill the Feng Shui will give (ignoring the fact that I’ve never gotten scared from a Filipino-made film). I don’t really want to watch after seeing the choices I have. At this point though, I realized I should have just listened to bf and watched Praybeyt Benjamin. After all, we went there for him to have some rest.

Nonetheless, I’m not closing my doors for Tagalog movies. Though next time, I would wait for someone’s review or a friend’s recommendation.

General Impression. The movie is predictable and the twists are not that amazing, astonishing or remarkable. It is not scary that older kids can watch it. Still, there are few parts that need parental guidance. This is not a shocking horror for those who desire a heart attack provoking film.

Since I was expecting this to scare me, I braced myself and prepared to cover my eyes for terrifying parts. As the story proceeds, it failed to deliver a striking thrill. The last part doesn’t make sense well.

  • The souls/spirits doesn’t look scary.
  • The timing and the length of their appearances are not timely too.
  • Not once or not twice that I had a hard time understanding their speech. There are few parts where the audio is not that clear.

There was a part of this movie, perhaps the climax, where it made some of the audiences clap and laugh. A portion of those who watched were brought in unison during that short period of time. It was a strange experience. I wonder if they really did enjoy watching this movie at the end of the day….

Did you watch movies during the holidays too?


  1. I prefer other asian movies like from Thailand? Filipino movies are very predictable kaya I often watch Filipino movies na or I just wait for it na lang sa tv. How about Bonifacio? I heard maganda sya.

    -- nhengswonderland.blogspot.com

    1. Me too. Sometimes I still don't watch it even if it's already available in tv. Hindi showing yung Bonifacio samin and I'm not sure if Bf will like to watch that. Masipag lang kasi akong manood ng movies if my kasama akong manood ^_^ Bonifacio hmmm... I will try...


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