Thursday, January 8, 2015

Our Words and our Actions...

Receiving good recognition from people around me rarely happens. During those occasions, I feel overwhelmed and sometimes shy about it.

I’m not the kind of person who seeks fame. Still, some genuine words are nice to hear and encourage further positive actions. I am not perfect. I have share of mistakes too and I am afraid of being misinterpreted. The best and the most fulfilling praise is still the one that makes us proud without hurting other people; something that inspires but doesn't create a gap in the relationship.

This event taught me again the importance of being careful and responsible in our actions. Our different choices in lives also affect the bond and the standing of our past relationships and associations. Are we also giving them due respect or unconsciously involving them from our self inflicted bad image?

“Know your limitations… and always have a good intention”.

Probinsiyana Couple

There’s more trial and surprise that will be disclosed in the future.
The time is not yet ripe for words of congratulations.
But who doesn't want a good outcome?

Love is a very complicated topic. Even if our initial desires are good, real experiences throws us into nightmarish setting or teach us a different kind of lesson. What you want to achieve in this aspect reveals another part of your being. What kind of person are you? What are your priorities? What is important to you?

I hope everything in this entry will inspire me…

True happiness, for me, comes from being productive…

Thanks for the kind words Ma’am!


  1. i don't know how you feel bout this post talaga eh...

    1. Pasensiya na... Ako lang ata talaga nakakaintindi nito :)

  2. I also get shy when receiving recognition from other people. I just smile to show that I recognize their compliments. Pa-humble lang. I guess I am not one to seek being the center of attention. Hehe.
    ( Right2Write )

    1. Thanks Mr. Abdel for sharing your thoughts. I don't want too much attention, okay na sa akin yung nasa background ako and nakakatulong ako sa success ng team. Mas gusto ko ang attention ng mga malalapit na tao sa buhay ko, drama XD


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