Sunday, January 19, 2014

Last Week In-Hiatus

Sorry for being in hiatus last week. We even had brown-out yesterday. Saturday and brown-out? It’s like having just a one day weekend. Life only starts with electricity on.

So far, it’s mostly work that made me this busy. It is peak season and I even have an unfinished task to do, a slight negotiation and I’m afraid. Why do I have to do such thing when it’s out of my scope? There’s also a shift of function, something that demands a greater attention and worst is preciseness. That is what you call, work under pressure or revenge. lol.

Then, I’m sleepyhead as usual. I even regret sleeping early and leaving my work undone. I hate this times. Part of my brain is convincing me to buy a bell alarm clock, but half of it says it’s just a waste of money and I won't be utilizing it again to its fullest. It's like I’m scared I may lost the desire of using it once more and end up having a bad investment. But really, I want to have a separate alarm clock coz I don’t trust my cellphone. Nevertheless, I want to be optimistic that this sleepiness won’t last

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I gave up from using my watch in the meantime. And, I’m trying a time management trick of tracking activities every 10 minutes but I’m not sure if it’s working. At least I become wary of my activities and I realize but can’t accept that I really can't tire myself for the whole day. I dream of sleeping for 3 hours only.

Weather is very cooold in morning, even at night. How much more in Baguio. My pechay vegetable greets me in the morning. I'm back in lousy planting. However, that's not my priority now.

Anyway, I have some old drafts so I would perhaps post backward depending on my mood.

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