Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Review: Till my Heart Ache Ends

This is a story about love. Something that typically happens, something that might already happened to you. The journey of love. It's a typical story of two partners who are just starting their relationship. A two person who has a lot to learn.

What are you doing here? If only this movie is a person, I would ask it. I don't have preferences with Tagalog movies. Still, I watched it. First, just to test how long I would take watching it. There was a long introduction of why things did happen and that's the 2nd reason, I got curious. There's a tragic feeling in the end, but I’m not saying it’s not worth watching. I just don't like it and find it not helpful. There's no sense na ipamukha ang mga bagay na yun sa akin. I wonder what did those broken-hearted person feel when they watched this kind of movie. Did they feel better?

Wew, siguro drama to. Ewan ko kung matratrauma ako manood ng tagalog movie. Saan ang effort sa graphics at animation? Kahit man lang sana sa title or credits.

Word Tags:

Life lesson:
Don't comfort a girl. You might end up seeing each other on your bed the first thing in the morning.
Guys love is conditional.

Ahhh... For those who believe in destiny. There is "destined to fail” too. A change of world and lifestyle is a test. A wrong approach in situation can severe a misunderstanding. Both need each other to learn, so for the next time they will have the wisdom to bring a new relationship into a better one.

Paolo was lucky to have a friend who understands and share explanations even though they had an affair. Too bad a guy cannot understand. Too bad a girl can be that needy. There's a collection of mistakes an immature person would undergo. Most of the time, girl's instinct is right, it’s just that they choose not to listen. Until the time comes that they learn to listen to their instincts. A relationship started by two immature people rarely survives.

I understand why Agnes was worst. Not only for it being her first relationship but also the lack of attention from her parents, no wonder will she turn like that. The tendency of clinging emotionally. It makes me wonder, is that the best way for her to learn? Learn the hard way? What if he met another guy? Would the outcome be better?

Yes. That's true. Guys are insensitive. It's their upbringing. It is how the society shaped them. But that's selfish right? They're still human. Capable of emotions. He did try. He's still insensitive. The movie gave a lot of excuses for a guy to behave like that. While when Agnes has a point of acting such things, the story suddenly adds reasons to put the blame on her. All is fair in war.

Guys should understand. Guys should be sensible. Girls shouldn’t be stupid. Girls should open their minds. Learn to give up a losing battle.

Pathetic. He was welcomed, prioritized and even given time at most hectic days but those gestures in not requited. He made his way into the girl's world and retreated...

Anyway, I found obvious imperfection in the cut scenes of the movie.

“Alam mo ang mga lalake, pag nagsimulang tratuhin ka ng hindi maganda. Sunud sunod na yan”
“Nakakapagod ng makipagplastikan sa kanila”
“Agnes, masama ba sa tao ang madaming pangarap sa buhay?”

“Para anu ba namang magtext ka, gusto ko lang naman malaman na ok ka”
“Hindi naman pwede na every 30 mins mag text ako”
“Ni isang text hindi man lang niya magawa”

“Hindi, okay lang”

“Dadalhin mo ako sa party pero hindi mo ako kakausapin”
“Agnes, hindi lang tayong dalawa ang tao sa mundo”
“Hindi naman pwedeng tayong dalawa na lang ang magkasama”

“Hindi ko kasi alam ang gagawin ko eh. Ikaw ang una kaya hindi ko alam ang gagawin pag may boyfriend. Pasensiya ka na”

“Paolo, set your priorities”

Mabait siya at simple. Pero parang wala akong ginagawang tama sa kanya. Lage na lang pinapaguilty niya ko”

“Masakit yung alam mong gumagawa ng plano ng mahal mo. But ur not included on them

“I miss him... I don't know if I still love him”

“Hindi lahat ng kailangan mo mahal mo at lalong hindi lahat ng mahal mo kailangan mo”

“Hindi ko lang kasi talaga alam kung anong gagawin ko kapag nawala siya sa buhay ko”

“You have to decide to what point kayo magkakasakitan”

“Masaya ka pa ba?”
“If I leave her papanu nasiya? Alangan naman siya sa konxenxa kung anu mangyari sa kanya”
“Paolo magpakalalake ka. You have to make a choice”

“Siguro nga kasalanan ko bakit naghanap ka ng ibang babae”

“Agnes, hindi ko kaya eh. Na aq lang ang mundo mo”
“Agnes, ganito ako”

“Nakapasa ako ng board... Destiny”

“To make her feel good or make your self less guilty?”

Sabi ni probinsiyana: “Nasa sayo naman yun eh, kung matatanggap mong hindi ka na ganun kahalaga sa kanya. Kung maghihintay ka ng pagbabago, sana alam mo hanggang kailan maghihintay.”

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