Saturday, January 25, 2014

My previous weekdays...

It was a quick one. Barely noticeable. Not even memorable. The pressure only left a burnt charcoal, either it dies away or burst into new flames. I don’t wish for the latter.

The highlight of this week is programming. My online course resumed. However, I haven’t started coding because I’m still crawling towards the tons of information I need to feed my brain. Main reason is I failed to download the IDE I would be using. Not twice and not only thrice I tried to download it. It was a waste of money.

Of course, there's sleepiness. Maybe I’m just uninspired.


  1. natarayan at bet ko ang blog name mo... pero sosyal at umi-english ang writing style. Luvet!

    1. :) like. salamat.. nagtatagalog din naman ako...


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