Sunday, January 5, 2014

BAIES SUCREES sweet berries deep moisturizing lotion Review

with Vitamin E & Aloe

Sweet Berries body lotion contains a non-greasy formula with Aloe Vera extracts and Vitamin E to help hydrate you skin leaving it soft and smooth all day.

This lotion is an advance Christmas gift of my brother, something he bought in Watsons. It was on sale and cost around P200 above. This was just a guess because I didn’t saw the price tag. I find the packaging very cute. This lotion comes with a hand lotion and a body scrub.

The bottle of the lotion is very big. Because it’s heavy, it’s a hassle for me to get the lotion out from it. It smells sweet and looks mild and quite plain. The smell reminds me of candy. It’s not heavy to use and I don’t believe its deep moisturizing. Just enough to remove the skin dryness that follows after bath.

I like to use it frequently. If only it’s small, I will bring these in work. I doubt if the smell of lotion would linger long. I don’t take time to test though.

I don’t mind the absence of SPF. Besides, back in old days, people were not really using SPFs. But I will still use SPF if I will be flaunting directly in the sun. I don’t like the feel of thick SPF lotion in my skin. And also, I gave up the obsession of having a radiant looking skin. I know I’ll never will. But with the use of Kojie San soap in my skin, I really don’t get picky with the kind of lotion I will be using after.

This may not meet your expectation but it’s enough for my skin basic needs.

Manufactured in PRC. Do you know what this means?

-I cannot find the expiry date in the bottle
-I wonder if this is dermatologist tested.

Rate: 4/5
-a plus factor from being cute. :)

-It’s a YES and a NO. Yes because I like it and if I can still find some. No because I may be buying something or just waiting someone to give me some.

BAIES SUCREES sweet berries deep moisturizing lotion Review
BAIES SUCREES lotion back cover
BAIES SUCREES lotion cap
BAIES SUCREES lotion bottle


  1. Where can I buy the lotion?

    1. You can buy it in Watsons pero hindi na siya available :(


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