Friday, January 3, 2014

Going Out with Friends: Extended

These are few occasion that I have the opportunity to see them. It's hard to organize reunions even with the presence of gadgets to communicate. Worst, they may not be interested.

Ahhh... why did I blog this. Maybe I believe there are still some things to learn in simple events. I cannot help but be jealous on how people interact before. The old generation where technology can't yet intrude. I see my mom's old cards from people who take time to effort. I witness sincerity of the old tradition where people manage to give foods in the neighborhood. But why do I have this feeling that most of us are too busy now in less essential things and enjoying the indirect route. Material things are given much more importance over a single soul. Fear, lost of trust, and display of status.

Get to know a lot of people and from their mixture of attitude, habits and principle, choose the friend who you believe will stick through thick and thin. For those are sand in the center of your palm that will remain when all has lost.

Elementary and high school are the time to mingle and find real friends for that is the easiest time to find real people, still at raw. Innocent, bold, young, dreamer and idealistic. This is something that I hope the learning institutions have strengthened. The friendship, the bond, the proper recognition will become a healthier contribution to our community. Besides, the education’s next level is the academic’s real game...

College is a time test. The change of whole being. New adjustment. Rarely will you find a real friend. Because this is the stage you need to use your survival instinct. Gaguhan sabi ni Bob Ong. That is the culture. Worst is you got used. It aches my heart to see those idealistic individual to end up abused and corrupted. Gave up and played with the game never somehow find a way to remain in balance.

I learned that I really have to catch up for other things. Be updated. There are things to learn just by observing.

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