Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Review: Princess Protection Program

Wala lang. I don't know what triggered me to watch a movie. I wish to finish all of this though I wonder how to do it considering the limited time I have. I still can't decide where to give my full attention. Is it books first or movies? But I find myself doing none.

My initial impression is, it has some similarities with Princess Diaries. But honestly, I can't remember the whole thing about the latter. So, I cannot really say my initial impression lasts.

This is a child friendly movie, mostly like a teenager movie. Simple but didn’t made me really bored. I like the two main character specially Rosie with her vibrant smile. The moral of the story aligns with friendship and slightly like sister relationship.

There was no thrilling plot for I knew and got it right that everything will gonna be okay. I am not sure with kids point of view though. My emotion was stirred in the part where Rosy regale her story and said that she wonders why she was being disliked by Carter. I almost agree how their first relationship was portrayed because it's typical, like the part of being mean.

Word Tags
-student life (might be elementary)
-quest to blend
-typical friendship
-may mapanood lang

- “Being a princess is what you have to offer to the world and who you are inside.”
- “Friendship, Loyalty and Trust. Those are things that are not just given, those are the things we must earn.”
- “You cannot have all I have.”

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