Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sick of Dry Cough

Sick of Dry Cough Pineapple Juice

Yeah... I’m still sick. A last phase of my trangkaso. Flu in English? And because I am stubborn to take any medicines, I just bought Del Monte Pineapple Juice. Shh… don’t tell others that I’m self medicating. Lol. Then mother saw me and said that she has just heard that it’s not really advisable to drink something like this because it may irritate your throat. It’s like saying that Calamansi Juice is not really advisable for those who have sore throats. Uh-oh. Somehow, I am considering this new information. But what will I do to with the 3 left juice-in-can that I recently bought? Well, I will just drink it too. My throat is really not that sore but is itchy.

Because of this, I am still pondering about the drink. I got an acidic stomach. Will it also make it worse or maybe wake it from its hiatus of giving me stomach aches? Sigh…

I wish I didn’t get any thinner.

Price: P22.00 per can

Pineapple Del Monte
Is this kalawang? Rust

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